Energy & Water

Energy and water are expensive commodities on the Island and we encourage guests to use the air conditioning with consideration (available in all bedrooms). There is also air conditioning in the central lounge area of the main house but this takes longer to take effect due to the high ceilings and so often more effective to just open the doors and let the trade winds do their work (some guests also prefer this in the bedrooms as all windows have mosquito nets).

We allow 750KWh of energy per week in with the rental charge.  Additional energy consumption will be charged upon departure.

Water is also precious.  We have rain water collection tanks under the house but we are also on the mains water supply and will switch between the two systems depending on the rain fall.  Please therefore use bottled water for all drinking water and ensure taps are turned off after use.

Natural Ecosystem

The beach is also a natural un-groomed Caribbean Beach and we have maintained its natural eco system by retaining the beach planting in the rise up to the house.  Conch shells wash up along the shore, which we collect and use to line the walk ways up to the house.